Take control of your assets, optimize processes and prevent theft and damage

Combining powerful location-based software and M2M hardware, you’ll be able to continuously track and monitor all of your valuable assets, giving you unparalleled visibility into asset location, security and condition.

Whether you’re trying to optimize asset utilization and allocation, meet customer requirements, deter theft, recover lost and misplaced equipment, or prevent damage or spoilage – Kite is made for you.

Three ways that using Kite will benefit you


Whether you have thousands of assets to track, or a handful of high-value machines to monitor, see your assets from a new perspective. Kite has been designed with simplicity in mind and to be as intuitive as possible. This can be seen through powerful visualizations on a map, and how you search through your information.


Instantly react because you know what’s happening the moment it’s happening. Set-up geofences and alarms so in the case of a security breach or unexpected movement a notification is triggered, allowing you to control the situation and reduce damages. Also, redirect your assets based on availability, share the status and location of a specific item to employees, contractors, or customers, and easily manage user rights.


Real value is created through a better understanding of the context and correlations between your asset’s data and company’s processes. Kite provides the tools to access and interpret location intelligence. Help better understand your needs and demands, streamline processes, improve your return on investment and ultimately deploy new services.

Kite is about flexibility

Kite supports carefully selected devices from Queclink, Telic, Pointer, and Novatel Wireless but you have the freedom to use devices you are already familiar with - Kite can be adapted to your needs. Moreover, Kite can work together with traditional ERP systems. That means you can track and monitor any asset from construction site machinery and equipment (skips, copper spools, generators, trailers), to logistic assets (containers, transport boxes, valuable items).


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